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feeds and social bookmarks

So i am starting to use feeds again (and it’s all Barb’s fault)… ::gulp:: The problem is that i read them on my mobile when i’m waiting around for BART. And i’m finding myself utterly frustrated with folks who have mixed their del.icio.us and Flickr feeds with their blog entry feeds. Del.icio.us links have no value to me on my mobile and photos take forever to load (and i’d rather access them through Flickr directly). Can folks who mix the feeds explain why they do this to me? (The only reason that i can think of is that people want to give the perception that they are posting/linking more.)

I also realized that i want a different interface for interacting with feeds of links. I want the social-network blogdex version of social bookmarks. I want to see the most popular links from the feeds i read in a temporal pattern (maybe even with a nice slider like in my Flickr viewer so i can see the list change over time as collective validation happens). I want to see patterns that are not easy to detect when they’re amidst a bunch of different feeds (that i end up scanning and not really reading anyhow). And then, when i’ve read one of those links, i want to be able to hide it so i don’t keep seeing it. I actually do want to see what folks are linking too, but i mostly want to see what my social collective is linking to.

I do enjoy going to the front page of Y!MyWeb2.0 and seeing the MyCommunity listing (far more than the front page of del.icio.us which is mostly irrelevant these days because it’s everyone). I end up checking Y!MyWeb2.0 each morning to see what links i should read. But the popularity amongst my community part doesn’t have temporal data which is unfortunate. Still, that’s much more functional for me than the links people mix into their blogs especially because i read link lists when i’m in a position to click on links while i read blog entries when i’m in a position to read.