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oh dear cute chumby

I told myself that there was no playing with the chumby until i finished unpacking my new apartment. But then, in the midst of unpacking, i realized i had no clock. Since i knew that was the default application, i decided to unpack the chumby. I figured, what harm could be done in just using it as a clock, right? OMG, cuteness. It talked to me. It showed me an adorable little octopus. And then it found my network just like my Mac. And it made me register it. And then it told me that someone else had put together a Cute Overload application for it. So now there’s cuteness on cuteness. And there are Flickr photos. And news. And ooooohhhhhhh….. Sooooo cute.

I will not play with the chumby until i unpack, i will not play with the chumby until i unpack….