DIY Video Summit in LA Feb 8-10

The beloved, talented, and amazing Mimi Ito is organizing a DIY Video Summit (called 24/7) February 8-10 at USC in LA. There’s an academic program on Friday and Saturday featuring talks by the likes of Yochai Benkler, John Seely Brown, Joi Ito, Henry Jenkins, Lawrence Lessig, and Howard Rheingold. This requires registering and is almost at capacity.

There is also a DIY Video Screening that is open to the public for free, from 10AM-7.30PM on Friday and 10AM-2.30PM on Saturday. These showings will feature curated programs on design video, activist documentary, youth media, machinima, music video, political remix and video blogging. The video program will culminate in an evening program and reception on February 9 that will draw from all of these video genres. This is a great opportunity to check out the creativity of the DIY film culture. Just stop by and see a few films; you don’t have to stay all day. Check out the schedule to see what fits for you.

Finally, for those who are a part of the culture, there are workshops and meetings on Sunday (registration required). All three sections of the event will take place in downtown LA at USC.

I intend to stop by for a few of the events and I hope you will too!!

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2 thoughts on “DIY Video Summit in LA Feb 8-10

  1. kassrachel

    The “Genealogy of Vidding” panel is being orchestrated by friends of mine, and should be terrific. I wish I could be there.

  2. Steve

    Well, this comment is a little less than timely, but better late than never. I was surprised and a little disappointed when I went to the website for this event to find no mention in the participant lists of a highly prominent DIY filmmaker, musician and writer who is based in the LA area.

    This is Michael W. Dean. He is author of the acclaimed (Well, I acclaim them anyway) books $30 Music School, $30 Film School and $30 Writing School, and according to his Wikipedia entry is currently working on $30 Life School. His best known film is the DIY music documentary D.I.Y. or Die. He was singer for the DC area punk rock band “Bomb”. He has pioneered his own unique approach to open source concepts in the world of the arts – meaning he often gives away his content for free (including a high quality digital version of the D.I.Y. or Die video) but not always. He is a blogger and a podcaster.

    I will not try to further describe Michael Dean as he is truly “Must see to appreciate”.

    I will include one “teaser” quote from his Wikipedia entry.

    “Was sent off to all-boys boarding school Church Farm School in Paoli, Pennsylvania. Kicked out of the school in 11th grade for “Calling the headmaster a ‘fat, bald, overtly-Christian old fart’.”

    I will give his Wikipedia link, as the atricle includes links to his other online presences, which are prolific.

    Anyone interested in DIY filmmaking or DIY life should check out this individual.


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