My name is danah boyd and I'm a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research and the founder/president of Data & Society. Buzzwords in my world include: privacy, context, youth culture, social media, big data. I use this blog to express random thoughts about whatever I'm thinking.

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doing “nothing” online

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3 comments to doing “nothing” online

  • Lisa E

    And presumably you’ve also seen that last week’s storyline was about Alex updating her Facebook profile?

  • Lisa:

    I’ve missed it! Do you know where I can find it?! 🙂

  • Re carpal tunnel, you might check out the Advantage keyboard from Kinesis, and the Repetitive Strain Injury book from Pascarelli/Quilter. The combination of a good keyboard and good ergometrics in my workspace made a big difference. I hate laptops, so it is nice to be able to work on a desktop…