Cannes Film Festival

That ridiculous picture to the left is me walking the stairs at the Cannes Film Festival. ::giggle:: I came to Cannes to give a keynote about youth and their engagement with film and new media. In return, i got tickets to the opening night of the festival, including a short by David Lynch and the premier of My Blueberry Nights (a Kar Wai Wong film starring Jude Law and Norah Jones and Natalie Portman and others). So i had to get all dressed up and walk the red carpet. Thank goodness for the SF designer Miranda Caroligne being so kind as to make me a dress for the adventure. It was walking remix! Totally purrrfect!

Following the premier, i got to go schmooze at dinner with a bunch of folks that i’m sure i’m supposed to know but am dreadful at recognizing. I’m currently back in my hotel giving my feet a rest before running off to a post-party party (sponsored by Louis Vuitton of all people). This whole thing is quite absurd. The glitz, the glam, the gawkers. I feel *way* out of place, but it’s a fascinating ethnographic adventure. Still, no one can believe that i don’t know who this that or the other person is. Doo dee doo.

More later… just thought folks (like my mom) would enjoy the pics!

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12 thoughts on “Cannes Film Festival

  1. Ms. Jen

    First you move to LA and now you are in Cannes…

    So, when is your screenplay getting bought…


    Have fun. Eat good food. Drink French wine. And flirt.


  2. Izzy Neis

    On a scale of 1 – 10, I’m 11 jealous. I know it’s lame to be a celeb-idolizer… but I do salivate when it comes to star-spotting. It’s like a human game of “Where’s Waldo”.

    Have a blast! I’m green with envy! 😉

    P.s. You look fantastic!

  3. Bertil

    I can’t believe you are all too geeky to point out the other people in the picture and try to figure out who they are: Mheut on the left? I’m sure I’ve seen the guy with the white hair at the bottom on the stairs. . . And who the very charming (and handsomely groomed) blond just behind you?

    They must be famous, they are much too confident not to be. Me? Falling into the star whell? Hardly.

  4. Randy

    How funny I just left you VM and now I see this. You look tre’ fabulous! Seems like a must for your next conference presentation!

  5. xian

    I don’t think the picture is ridiculous at all, and from what I can see of the dress it’s a lovely interpretation of your layered eclectic style. You’re living large!

  6. Hapto

    Well, you officially just entered the pre-myspace social networking site for well to do international up and comers… whenever someone asked you about this designer or that….I may have been inclined to say… do you know lonelygirl15? mcqueeniepants985? 🙂

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