a break in the woods

On Friday night, i finished a complete draft of my dissertation proposal and realized i needed to take a break before the final push. So i decided to go to a campout with a bunch of friends down in Santa Cruz. It was warm and sunny and it was sooo nice to drive down there. And then, when i arrived, there was a sign pointing the way to False Profit where my friends had set up a little village inside the camp. I plopped down and food was given to me. I helped make a huge bonfire and then laid out on the dock watching the stars for hours. I danced like mad to Tipper, Lorin Bassnectar, and Boreta amongst others. I drifted to sleep in a tent still caked with Playa. I was dirty and i loved it. Getting away from the city to take a break from reading/writing was the best thing ever. I feel energized and ready for this week. Now, it’s time to go kick some ass!

Three more days and counting.

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5 thoughts on “a break in the woods

  1. drw

    Food, fire, stars above, and a tent still dirty from the playa,what more should one ask for? Good luck with the final phase!

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