4 thoughts on “Fake Gay News

  1. Ezra

    One of the oldest jokes around, along similar lines (http://xrl.us/kdg5):

    “Two Jewish guys are sitting on a bench in a park, one is reading Haaretz, the other one is reading Der Stuermer. The Jew reading Haaretz looks worried, the Jew reading Der Stuermer is smiling all the time.

    “The Haaretz reader says: ‘It’s not good, what’s happening in the world. It’s not good what could happen to the Jews.’

    “The Der Stuermer reader says: ‘Of course you start to think like that. You are reading the wrong newspaper.’

    “The Haaretz reader says: ‘The wrong newspaper? What are you reading?’

    “The Der Stuermer reader answers: ‘I am reading this antisemitic paper. They write the Jews own the world, we have all the power, we run all the banks, all the political parties, all the big companies. After reading this, I always feel a lot better.'”

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