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fun party invitations

Last night, i went to a housewarming at the house of George and Jason. Their party invitation was hysterical so i had to share:

Come warm the house and drink the beer while we BBQ and dance the night away. In order to maximize your fun, we’re set up a strict timetable for events. Please coordinate your attendance accordingly.

4pm Jason attempts to light BBQ; George and Jason have their first beer
4:10 Jason realizes he has no skillz
4:15 Jason douses BBQ with highly combustible compounds
4:16 Fire is once again rediscovered by man
4:30 George finishes her fourth beer; Jason still nursing his first
5:00 George takes over BBQ; Jason passes out on neighbor’s lawn
6:00 Jason watches George blow smoke rings
7:00 George and Jason arm-wrestle for who has to take out the trash
7:13 First guest arrives
8:00 Jason threatens George with lawsuits for being funnier than him
9:00 George threatens to delete Jason’s flickr account
9:30 Jason uploads photo of George threatening him
10:00 Prince comes on the iPod and a dance-truce is declared
11:00 …

Where: George and Jason’s new pad
San Francisco, CA 94114
drunk directions: (510) xxx-xxxx

What to bring: Something to BBQ or drink
The Noise
The Funk
It On
Up Baby
The House Down

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5 comments to fun party invitations

  • Sounds like an enjoyable evening. 🙂

  • Ludivick

    Great posts! I also had a very good laught 🙂

    more than a year reading, but first time posting!

  • Marja

    I think I’ll snag that & replace a few names & things to do. (I’m celebrating my birthday on Saturday. You can’t really have a BBQ mid-winter in Finland…)

  • Reminds me of the Sponge Bob Square Pants episode where Sponge Bob is so worried about having a great party he creates detailed list of activities for everyone to do at specific times. Only problems is no one does what he wants. Bob ends up locked outside his house with his list and misses the whole party. you know the end — next day everyone tells him it was the best party of the year. One sec. he’s happy he threw it, next sec. he realizes — he missed the best party of the year!