upcoming conferences

I will be attending various conferences this fall/winter and i thought i’d share in case you want to join me.

  • Podcasting Symposium (Duke, September 27-28) – talking on performance and podcasting
  • ALA | LITA National Forum (San Jose, October 1) – keynote on blogging
  • Web2.0 (San Francisco, October 5) – attending for one day
  • State of Play (New York, October 7-8) – attending
  • 4S (Pasadena, October 20-22) – speaking on Fakesters and moderating on new media
  • AAA (D.C., November 29-December 3) – speaking on blogging
  • HICSS (Hawaii, January 4-7) – speaking on Friendster
  • AAAS (St. Louis, February 16-20) – speaking on youth culture

Also, a paper that i co-wrote with Jeff Heer will be present at InfoVis (Minneapolis, October 23-25) but Jeff will be doing the presenting.

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4 thoughts on “upcoming conferences

  1. Dav

    Hey if you’re looking for things to do or people to hang with in Durham, NC let me know. I lived there for nearly five years, it’s a great place but you have to know where to go.

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