Erin McKeown tonite

Back in Providence, i lived in a crazy co-op. I used to come home late at night with code on the mind and my roommate Erin would be practicing her music. She often play Ani DiFranco songs just to make me smile. While i’ve been flitting around in graduate school, Erin has toured the world and created an amazing music career without the help of the RIAA. She’s toured with Ani and played with some of the most amazing artists. I’ve always loved her music (biased, i know) and i’m soo in awe of her ability to do it her way.

The last time i saw Erin, it was a complete accident. I got a phone call from a friend wondering what i was doing for my birthday and if i was in New York. Sure enough i was. He had bought me tickets to see Ani & Erin together which was just a complete treat.

Tonight, she’s playing in San Francisco and i’m getting together with lots of old Brown friends to see her play. If you want to hear some amazing music, join me!

Erin McKeown :: The Independent at 9PM (doors at 8:30).

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2 thoughts on “Erin McKeown tonite

  1. Lani

    I followed your link to Erin’s webpage this morning and I’ve been listening to her songs all day. That’s the web at its best, introducing sunny music to make the day of a girl in cold wintery Australia. Thanks!

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