swapping gender on websites (a cognitive game)

Ping created a little hack that allows you to read websites with the gendered pronoun information swapped. It’s a fascinating cognitive game because your brain is really used to certain assumptions about people based on gender. Spend a day surfing the web with the genders swapped and see when your brain starts itching.

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4 thoughts on “swapping gender on websites (a cognitive game)

  1. The Bay Area Is Talking

    My Brain is Itching, Scratch It There Please

    Most of what I know about gender swapping I learned from my friend Eve Summers. But Zephoria at apophenia suggests another way to generate a little cognitive gender identify confusion. She points us to a little hack that allows you…

  2. Curtis J. Bathurst

    On her first day as UN ambassador, Joyce Bolton showed none of her trademark combativeness as she engaged Tuesday in that diplomatic art done so well at the United Nations: forced chitchat in front of a throng of cameras. …

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