you gotta fight… for your right…. to bloggggg(y)!

::gasp::bounce:: They’re letting me out in public again! Mooo ha ha ha!

I will be a panelist at the EFF’s BayFF on Bloggers’ Rights on July 19 from 7-9:30PM at 111 Minna with some other cool cats. I have no idea what on earth we’ll be addressing (well, blogs and law and whatnot, duh) but i’m sure it will be fun so come out and play!

(Oh, and someone *soo* needs to (re)mix the Beastie Boys for the EFF folks. ::giggle::)

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2 thoughts on “you gotta fight… for your right…. to bloggggg(y)!

  1. Napsterization

    EFF Announced Blog-A-Thon !!
    Tell your stories about the first time you knew your rights online were important, and win a T-Shirt!

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation, to celebrate its 15th Anniversary, is having a party tonight at their offices (where I’ll be speaking with Kurt Opsahl, Violet Blue, danah boyd, Dan Gillmor and Jackson West, and I think ms. boyd has my…

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