fuck SMS.ac

I have zero tolerance for company bullshit and threats. First, SMS.ac had all of my friends spam the hell out of me with their scam-like service (most of whom apologized immediately afterwards). Now they’re sending cease and desist letters to friends who apologized publicly, calling this defamatory. It’s not defamatory – it’s an apology for inappropriate social behavior brought on by autistic software. SMS.ac’s C&D is uncool, inappropriate and a complete abuse of the legal system to threaten people into submission. I was annoyed before, now i’m outright pissed.

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170 thoughts on “fuck SMS.ac

  1. Ben

    I live in Uk and am being charged 1 a day for 2 texts. I have sent stop numerous times but the texts keep coming and I keep paying. Someone please help me to stop this alltogether in the UK. Who do i call, what do i text to who????? Thanks….

  2. Tim

    I had these txts sent to me while I was away at school (Guelph, Ontario Canada).

    Came home to outrageous phonebills, so, being the b.comm student I was, I called Rogers Wireless expecting a fight, but the rep immediately knew what I was talking about and issued a credit right away! I told her to credit the other two months I was billed and she complied without hesitation!

    So, if you’re a Roger’s user, call them and tell them to stop the “sms.ac premium service” and credit you back the charges. They also gave me this number to call them and cancel the service:

    They’ll want –

    country code
    nature of call

    I’ve read elsewhere that it’ll cost you to cancel through sending a STOPALL msg, so I figure calling in and telling them to fuck off and NOT charge me for something I didn’t sign up for would be better. Also, if you do call, note how shitty the voice recording is on the answer machine – talk about sketch.

    ~ Tim

  3. Peter

    I am in the UK, using Virgin Mobile and keep getting these annoying ‘X wants to be your friend” messages. I’ve tried sending STOP, STOP FRND, STOPALL and STOP ALL to the number I get sent messages from but nothing happens!

    According to the help section of their website, there is another number to send messages to, but the UK number doesn’t seem to offer Virgin Mobile commands support!

    The ‘Contact Customer Service’ section of the website also doesn’t seem to work – if you push ‘submit’ nothing happens!

    I’ve burnt through nearly �£10 in the last few days just from these messages. This is getting stupid

    Has anyone actually successfully stopped the premium text messages?

  4. dazzadog

    hows about this , new to the country(Canada) bought a brand new phone, brand new number.
    so if you get the picture noone who I know in canada knows my cell phone number, and I don’t anyone else’s. somehow within a couple of hours sms.ac is spamming my cellphone . Damn them.
    Only Bell Mobility my supplier had my number so how did sms.ac get it –
    I have contacted my bell – waiting with baited breath for their reply …..

  5. Frank Prudhomme

    Been getting ripped off for almost a year and did not notice as my Cellphone Carrier (Rogers Wireless)was kind enough to facilitate this SPAM SCAM by directly billing my pre authorized payments via my credit card. Now no one wants to take responsibility or re-imburse me. I will be dedicating my own webpage to those greedy bastards. SMS AC sucks big time.


    I recently walked into their trap today and I am so annoyed by these bastards.. I dont want to sew them, I just want to rip off their balls.. Does anyone know of anybody who actually works there? All my friends are getting their spam shit in their inboxes. Did you guys read their Privacy notes?? Read the part concerning the Cookies.. Those M.F***ers!!!

  7. kaz

    I’m in Australia – got sick of the pesky SMS.ac SPAM that was clogging up my phone – sent STOP FRND to 19976722.
    Got immediate SMS saying “You will no longer recive Friend requests by phone”
    Fingers crossed- its worked
    good luck getting rid of this pest.
    Im also taking teh fight fire with fire appoach and following directions listed above about getting them to spam themselves

  8. Grant

    hey i agree its fuckin me about and takin my fucking credit off me fone and its so unfair. Do u no how i can stop this?

  9. GFL

    Has any one been able to call SMS.AC to cancel. This is quite the scam it seems that Rogers is part of this shit too.

  10. blu

    Call your phone network and they’ll provide you with either 1) the real contact number to unsubscribe yourself or 2) request to have all your email-based/ web-based SMS blocked.

    SMS.ac does shit. You’ll continue to receive those spamming SMS even if you change your personal options/contact them.

  11. sms.ac hater

    Zuzile you have to log in and go to umm settings and unclick all the boxes for the kinds of sms ripped off scam they put u up to.

    sms.ac is satans spawn

  12. Jan Biebaut

    It is through that the service of sms-ac is not free. Very much on the contrary.
    The invitations that one receives are made up by sms-ac but …i suspect that even a big part of the personnal messages that one gets are completely fake and are written by people who works for sms-ac. The form and the contents is to simmilar and you very rarely get an answer when you answer to a text. People who wants to get rid of sms-ac and certainly people from the netherlands and Belgium can surf to
    well good luck to all and i don’t think it is naﶥ to fall into their trap. It is so easy to deceive one because luckily we are trusty beings.

  13. Aussie Chick

    ~~~~~ HEY PEOPLE ~~~~~

    I managed to cancel all there messed up texts they send BUT I have been unable to sign into my sms.as account for about a month

    Been trying to sign in to delete my whole account.

    But ALL of a sudden one day I cant sign in … which is interesting considering NOTHIN’ on my computer has changed to have done this.

    I contacted live online support went through some steps to get me to sign in … didnt work.

    I emailed them back they totally ignored me.

    Filled out a help form they completely ignored it again.

    Contacted live online support again… asked politely to delete my account and they just totally ignored me …. charming isnt it!?

    Does anyone here know if there is a DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT option?

    Cos then I will sign in on a friends computer and delete it.

    By the sounds of these losers…. it wouldnt surprise me if there using my account to get more customers or something like that.

    Thanks for readin’ my post.


  14. wokky

    I’ve been screwed for months by this company!


    I didn’t even sign up for the stupid thing – I asked them to send me the details I “alledgedly” signed up with and they responded with complete rubbish – i.e: location: Amsterdam (I live in the UK, and have never lived anywhere else) – they also quoted an e-mail address with an e-mail provider I’ve never held an account with (gmail) and had a complteley different date of birth to my own! Absolute joke – and orange say it’s not their responsibility and that they can do nothing (after a 20 minute phone call!)


  15. Neale

    I’ve just discovered some extra charges on my phone bill, having recieved some random messages, and not known that I was being charged for them.

    All in response to having finally accepted someone’s invitation to join SMS.ac.

    I saw something on Rip Off Report about SMS.ac having a money back guarantee… well I’ll see if I can use it.

    Also spoke to Vodafone, my provider, and found that they say they can do nothing. I’ll have to ask them where it says in my T&Cs that someone else can sign me up for a service, and I’m supposed to know that replying is a good thing, rather than falling for the scam!

  16. Markus

    For those riddled with SMS.ac, here’s a page (1) detailing how you get opted in for premium services without your knowledge, and (2) telling how to cancel services and deactivate your account.


    Hope it helps those who find it hard to opt out, I see many comments to that extent!

  17. yo

    i interviewed with SMS.ac and it was a gruelling 4 hr process. the more i learned about SMS.ac and their business ethics the more and more i found them more annoying than helpful. i eventually felt like walking out of their interview.

  18. Kim

    I also had an account with sms.ac here in Holland. After deactivating it, I started receiving contest questions from 3111. Is this 3111 also from sms.ac? According to sms.ac, it is not. Does anyone know for sure and what I can do to block messages? Thanks


    If you live in the UK, they have a headquater not far from london. I called them and swore at them till they deletd me from their computer system. Now i dont get any more text messages ripping my money off.

  20. kia

    I kept receiving text messages from this 57413 number not know who the hell it is and how to unsubscribe to it. I am being charged 40 cents just to view the text so know I just delete it and it comes right back. I put in text 57413 in the Google search and I got this website and I see some one said to text stop all to 57413 so I just did it hopefully they will stop. Thanks alot

  21. lara

    I got invited by a friend to sign up so I did.. and they spammed me like hell, as well as spamming everyone on my address book. Lucky they didn’t get my mobile phone number because I am living in a country where they can’t activate the services but still they did get my e-mail address, which I had to up my junk filter to handle them.

  22. GravyBoat

    Mother fucken pricks got my email and mobil. I still want to know how and from whom.

    Then i got an SMS from someone with my name asking me to be my friend (says a lot about the legitamcy of the service)

    To make things worse i got a huge bill from my provider for all the spam messages

    I phoned my provider to have them barrd and they gave me a number to contact to retreive my costs, but suprise suprise thre was nobody there.

    something should be done about this scam. Somebody is getting rich that should be shot

  23. Karen

    GravyBoat I’m the same. I tried ringing their Australian number up and got no answer, their phone was engaged. Such a scam :\ I didn’t even sign up to their “service” and received tons of random text messages, 55 cents each

  24. Ben

    I’ve sent a consumer complaint into them. I’ve also contacted the Better Business Bureau and am considering hitting up all the major talk show hosts MJ, Rush, Al, all the FM and AM radio divas and letting them know about this scam.

  25. sut

    For uk users – to stop receiving the texts
    call your cellphone service provider, they should be able to stop it – but they can’t help you with a refund. For that you need to contact sms.ac direct
    (0870 766 3320 uk or 00800722 03000 us – weedays only)
    Try ensure you know how much the refund should be before you contact them.
    If they won’t refund you – contact the premuim rate services regulator http://www.icstis.org.uk/ – on 01494 750 500

  26. blazer

    I’VE GOT THE SOLUTION FOR UK USERS OF SMS.AC. to stop all txt messages to your phone, send STOP ALL to 62468. it really works. you will recieve a txt confirming your cancellation of the txts.

  27. Tammy P.

    OMG, you guys have got to spread words about this, forward an email to everyone you know and post it in every chat room you ever are in. ….ps -SMS.ac is driving me nuts too.

  28. polka

    I worked at this company and they send out fake messages to users. Every day 3 employees are designated to send out 24 messages each to the biggest user groups – resulting in these users getting charged for those messages.

    If anyone is considering a lawsuit against SMS.AC I will take oath and repeat what I just told you.

  29. NYIM

    Well these pricks are still up to their tricks. I have a spare mobile that is always on but never has any credits on it. i keep getting a message saying “Free msg. Sorry, a service you ordered from 62468 could not be delivered as you do not have sufficient credit.Please top up to recieve the service.”.
    As other people can send me a text as normal without it costing me, i googled it and stumbled across this.
    The first thing i am going to do is put a little credit on this phone and the next will be to follow the above instructions to hopefully cancel it.
    As was mentioned in the above post, I am also most happy to get together with anyone here to take these cretins to the courts. I’ll keep checking back here and if anyone else is interested and there is enough backing then i am more than happy to look into the possibility of us all getting full refunds with compensation as well as closing this rip off down once and for all. At the end of the day, if they can do it then so can others and who knows how many companies have our mobile phone numbers and the oppotunity to do the same thing. Imagine, 5 texts a day, 7 days a week, 25 pence/cents each time…. thats gonna add up :S

  30. Angry

    These A’holes should be in jail for fraud.
    I’m downunder in OZ.
    I have never subscribed or visited these guys and got a few SMSs that cost me $.
    My phone company refunded the costs and gave me credit to reply STOP.
    They are taking a few $ here and there all around the world and ripping everyone off to a large sum.

    To Tammy P, appreciate your offer but for a few cents or $ individually no one will bother with a lawsuit (neither could the phone companies be bothered). That is what these guys are relying on.
    You need to go to someone in authority and give them the evidence that they are defrauding people.
    Please go and do it.

  31. Leigh

    SMS.ac is now sending premium rate SMS messages to number given during their sign-up process.
    I received 3 messages from 19976722 in 2 weeks and decided to do something about it.
    In Australia they use a company called Fifth Finger, which is owned by nineMSN, which is owned by the Packer Family.
    Fifth finger is simply a service provider engaged by SMS.ac to send messages on their behalf to Australian subscribers, so don’t flame them too badly.
    To unsubscribe call them on (02) 8307 7830 and they will unsubscribe you from the service.

  32. Ash

    UK PEOPLE! They are charging you 50p to receive ONE of these texts.

    Here’s what you do – text STOP to 62468.

    Call your network provider and get them to block sms.ac

    Then call 0845 130 9911 and get your number removed from their database.

    THEN call 0870 7663 320 and get your refund from those moeny robbing fools.

  33. Sassy

    Just in case this helps, I’ve emailed the customer care dept of sms.ac through their “contact us” section of the website. I insisted they remove my phone number from their records and said if it wasn’t done immediately I would report them to the Department of Trading Standards for their misuse of my number. I insisted on written confirmation and I have had the account deleted and confirmed in writing within 24 hours. Job done.

  34. Gus

    Man I got screwed big time,
    I was recieveing these sms.ac texts for over a year though I did not pay any attention to them and deleted them as soon as they arrived. I had no idea i was being charged for them, as I never had a reason to check my phonebill and allways asumed the monthly bill was so high because of the drunken calls I probably made and forgot about. I checked my bill yesterday and found out all about sms.ac and probably close to 800 quid that they’ve scammed of me this way. I havent been able to contact them yet. Anyway, has anybody tried any legal routes against the company? I’m pretty sure there should be a good case for a large lawsuit against them.

  35. nibby

    I went to a job interview there two weeks ago, they sent me a snotty rejection letter via email the next day. My guess: I did not sign up for their service after their scary meeting the night before that the CEO held. Also, I live in San Diego where they are home based. Looked in one of their open windows as I was leaving the building and became apalled but what I saw there. If they are really scamming people, I believe the FCC would involved. There is little to nothing we little people can do and San Diego is such a whore for money, good luck complaining to anyone in authority here.

  36. Heads Up


    I was driving by SMS.ac yesterday and noticed their offices are vacant and a big “for lease” sign was posted in the window. I bet they didn’t pay the rent! I also noticed the ex vp of engineering excepted a job somewhere else, but is still listed as emplyee’d on SMS site.

    Is it possible that Karma FINALLY caught up with them – does anyone else know if they went under?

  37. Cheri

    I am getting 20 – 30 text messages a day on my cel phone. Not only is it a real pain in the ass, it is causing problems in my marriage with my husband thinking that I have sghned up on a personals site. Does anyone know how to stop the stupid people at sms.ac from texting me?????

  38. The Rest of the World

    What does moving across town say about Sms.ac? Why are they moving from the scenic Gas Lamp district? (Spare no details, please)

    Also, what’s up about San Diego being a cash desperate? Did the lack of industry leave the city in a dire situation?

    The Rest of the World

  39. Scrap

    >>How do I cancel my account?

    If you choose to delete your account completely, be aware that the following will
    be lost permanently:

    – All profile information, including personal information
    – Your primary photo and Mobile Photo Albums
    – Your ringtones in your SMS.ac profile
    – Your free daily messages
    – Your friends in your profile and their comments
    – Your SMS.ac address book contacts
    – Your Mobile Pods and Mobile Alerts
    – All other SMS.ac account details

    To delete your account, follow the steps below:

    – From your Mobile Homepage, click “Member Links” in the upper-right hand corner
    – Click “Preferences”
    – Click “My Account”
    – Click “Account Status”
    – Click the Primary Reason you wish to cancel your account
    – Enter any comments you want to include
    – Click the “Deactivate My Account” Button

    Please note that you must repeat this process for every unique user ID that you
    have registered with SMS.ac.

    If you prefer to reduce or stop premium messages sent to your phone altogether, but you still want to send messages via the web and meeting people around the world on the SMS.ac friends network, simply follow the steps below:

    – From your Mobile Homepage, click “Messages”
    – Click “Preferences”
    – Click “SMS Message Settings”
    – Click “Product Preferences”
    – Uncheck boxes next to services you want to unsubscribe to
    – Click the “Save” button

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