fuck SMS.ac

I have zero tolerance for company bullshit and threats. First, SMS.ac had all of my friends spam the hell out of me with their scam-like service (most of whom apologized immediately afterwards). Now they’re sending cease and desist letters to friends who apologized publicly, calling this defamatory. It’s not defamatory – it’s an apology for inappropriate social behavior brought on by autistic software. SMS.ac’s C&D is uncool, inappropriate and a complete abuse of the legal system to threaten people into submission. I was annoyed before, now i’m outright pissed.

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170 thoughts on “fuck SMS.ac

  1. Janus

    Strangely, the “Criticisms” section disappeared from Wikipedia. The entry really reads like a marketing brochure.

  2. david

    SMS.AC is a scam. I had a job interview there. Really shady. In the end, they refused to pay for my expenses. They acted like they were doing me a huge favor by interviewing me, and gave me no respect or decency at all.

    They trumped up benefits like free beverages. The staff gave each other constant high fives to demonstrate how “pumped up” they were. They constantly reminded us that they were looking for people who would enjoy the work, regardless of the salaries. I’m sure the salaries there are very unimpressive.

    Don’t interview at SMS.AC. It’s not worth the time.

  3. Michael

    Class Action Lawsuit: Please post on all blogs related to the illegal spamming processes of SMS.ac. DO NOT ask SMS.ac to stop the messages, and DO NOT call them to cancel the messaging.

    They are already breaking the law, and it is NOT incumbent upon us to take action to HELP THEM TO STOP. Instead, call them, email them from an account they are NOT already spamming, or otherwise contact them with the message that: A class action lawsuit will be filed against them if the messaging does not stop.

    DO NOT give them your personal information. If you call, record the conversation, and let them know it is being recorded. If you send an email, keep a copy, as well as a copy of their response. Force them to either stop the practice, or face severe penalties.

    What is nice about this is that they are NOT entitled to any more of your personal information. You DO NOT have to give it to them. THEY have to stop their practice GENERALLY, not individually. Moreover, because criminal liability may be in play, the management and ownership of SMS.ac may also face personal charges, but we’ll leave that to the government’s police power. As for us, join me to take advantage of our anonymity and attack using the rights of civil law.

  4. Artemio

    I just received my bill from these guys. 253 useless messages which weren’t authorized to be sent. I apparently had an account on the website, and only recently started to receive MASSIVE amounts of “personal messages”. All of which came at the whopping expense of $0.50 each. What the hell? How do I get the point across that I want them to STOP! I replied ENDPMSG numerous times, to no avail. I finally succeeded in cracking the password to “my” account and deleted it.

    Apparently it takes 2 days process an online de-activation (wtf?) and the day after I put my cancellation through, they sent me 33 messages. Great, now I’m stuck paying the bill, for a “service” I didn’t ask for.

  5. Terry Blantho

    Everyone needs to stop the whining…I work at/for SMS and we provide great service at a fair price !!! There is noting illegal/abusive pertaining to our services…everyone just likes to have something to bitch and complain about !!!

  6. Luis Gil

    I’d like to know about this class action lawsuit. This company gave away my PERSONAL information to some “fanbox” site. This “portal is just like facebook or myspace. I despise such portals and never created an account there intentionally. I called their customer support number and left a message, even though I am very upset I tried to keep my composture. The fact is that they e-blasted to all of the people that I have on my contact list an alleged account I have with them and showed all of them my “profile”. They even used my nickname: LUE. I appear there with a lot of semi-naked ladies and as a homosexual. This situation costed me MY MARRIAGE. My wife saw the thing (she was on my contact list of course) and flipped!!! How the hell am I going to do now when my wife is so convinced that I am looking for whores on the internet and that I am also gay. No offense to the gay community but I can turn very beligerant if I’m been accused of something that I am not and that costs me endless hours of stress, anxiety dispair and even my feaking marriage!!!!
    Send me all information that you have about the lawsuit, i’ve already started talking to my lawyer.
    Thank you!

  7. Dark Agent

    What would you all do if I said I know the credit card number and address of the owner of this company?

  8. SHAWN


  9. Darren Watson

    WOW, I wish SMS.ac would send me a C&D.That way I could find out just how to contact those “A”holes at SMS.ac to tell them,” Thanks for stiling my contact info from my PC with that fake email from my brother who is in Iraq right now.” I’d like to send them a C&D. So please PLEASE SMS.ac send me one. Ive got something I’d like to send right back to ya. Seeing that your phone number doesnt work, your web address is closed and Im not going anywhere near Fanbox. So please SMS.ac send me something. Ill return the favor. Oh you shouldnt have any trouble finding my email address seeing that your email had something in it to hack my system and stoled data from it. So PLEASE SMS.ac send me an email with a C&D. Ive got something for ya. : )

  10. icognito

    Well, there may be some good news ahead.
    I believe that they are running out of money, and will soon be broke.
    Maybe, will land in bankruptcy court. If those things happen, they should end up out of business.

  11. Angry Bob

    How many of these 35 million user accounts consist of CURRENTLY ACTIVE accounts of “regular” use? How many of those accounts are genuine and current, rather than duplicates and filler?

    Has the ban from conducting business in the United Kingdom been lifted?

    A current employee (who shall remain anonymous) claimed that SMS.AC employed a “seeding” tactic (spammed text messages from artificial accounts) in its early days in order to stimulate interest, but alleges that the practice has since been ceased. If SMS.AC charges for text messages and admits to having “seeded”, then wouldn’t that have constituted some sort of consumer fraud at the time? From what I understand about SMS.AC, the client’s first text message is free, but subsequent messages (whether sent or received) come at a cost to the client.

    Since it’s beginning, SMS.AC has made potentially misleading statments to recruits about the profitability of its business and the lucrativity of its stock options. Many recruits were seduced into working for SMS.AC for stock under SMS.AC’s claim that the stock would be worth millions if they ever went public. It’s been nearly 9 years and they have yet to do so. SMS.AC supposedly has 35 million users in 180 countries, then why haven’t they already (BIG RED FLAG)?

    Mike P., you’re starting to seem more like Charles P. the more I read about you.

    The reason I know about SMS.AC’s recruitment is because I was recruit a few years ago.

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