talking in the Bay Area

I’m actually giving two talks in the next week in case anyone is interested.

At Stanford’s HCI seminar, i will be giving my longer Friendster talk. [February 4, 12:30PM]

At BayCHI, i will be giving my autistic social software talk. [February 8, 7PM]

These will both be based on talks that i’ve given before (and uploaded to but i’m sure other things will come up.

Also, generally this semester, i will be talking at the following:
SXSW – social networks panel
CHI on backchannels (paper accepted!!)
CFP – moderating a panel on youth and privacy

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4 thoughts on “talking in the Bay Area

  1. Joel Young

    If your talks are as interesting as your blog, I’d love to attend one now that I’m living in SF. What’s the level of audience that you speak to? With a BS in CS, I don’t know that I’m exactly a layman, but I went to some talks when I was in school that went way over my head. Unfortunately, with a recently broken leg, this is all idle speculation for now, but I’d love to make the trek out to south bay once I can get back on my bike.

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