addiction twitching

It is so not cool that both LiveJournal AND Last.FM are down simultaneously, particularly when i need them both. Then again, that’s probably because they’re linked somehow. Hrmfpt.

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8 thoughts on “addiction twitching

  1. Rich

    I don’t think the LJ shut down has anything to do with the sale. Instead, I think it’s more evidence that building systems that are not robust against failures at single points is a bad idea, especially when those systems are supporting communities that are important to people. Indeed, one of the promises of the Web and the broader Internet was that it would minimise such occurrences.

  2. Jiaqi

    The LiveJournal thing is a massive power failure at their data center. It sounds from their comments they’re pretty pissed at Internap.

  3. matto

    It doesn’t matter whether or not it was a power failure or not, i’d bet some lj communities will be whispering “conspiracy” when it comes back up.
    oh well.

  4. John Steven

    I admit that for about fifteen minutes last night, I thought there was some sort of ‘attack’ being directed against blog/journal sites… LJ had been down for three hours by then, I had just read someone’s comment about their TypePad being inaccessible earlier in the day, and I went to visit a friend’s Xanga and the entire site was displaying a ‘server error’ webpage. :/

    I also wanted to say that (like many others, I suspect) I discovered this blog via the now-famous Cultural Divide post of last week, and I spent at least an hour going back and eagerly reading through the recent archives. 🙂 I’m going to be a regular visitor here from now on!

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