lessons from this week…

I received 6 emails for not blogging recently. Bleh.

My lesson of the week is that strep throat + bronchitis is a deadly combination and definitely requires a doctor visit. I am sick, in bed and sweating profusely. The only creative thoughts that have emerged from my head involve figuring out how to get food without fainting. This is not a recordable experience.

Instead, let me share with you the events that i would’ve attended if i were healthy so that you may attend without me since they all involve good people:

– CMU West Speaker Series: The New Phenomenon of “Enabled Social Networks:” Social, Commercial, and Political/Civic Implications
BlogOn 2004 – The Business of Social Media
– Ripple Effect’s Connect For (fundraiser for disadvantaged youth and Village Reach)
Monkey vs. Robot party at Cellspace

Enjoy and perhaps i will have more interesting things to say shortly.

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11 thoughts on “lessons from this week…

  1. metamanda

    not coming to blog on? I will miss you.

    want me to bring you some soup or something? you poor thing.

  2. Tony

    Oh,were we supposed to email you(didn’t want to bug ya-you so busy).mental note: be a pest.

  3. Mark Federman

    Nasty business, danah. Hope you fight off the bugs without secondary problems.

    Miso soup – protein, water and sodium in nicely concentrated form, and relatively easy to swallow. Healing energy coming your way.

  4. ct

    I think that you should continue to blog as is your routine. Blogging IS YOUR immune system, it is an integral part of your social/biological network built up over many years. One should be as comfortable being a receiver as being a giver, or one diminishes both the self and the other.

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