Ani DiFranco: Official Bootleg Series

I first heard of Ani through tape recordings of shows back in the day. I had this 1991 Jazzberry’s tape that i literally wore through. After a series of dreadful events (including a few break-ins and a car fire), i lost almost all of my early boots. Of course, so many of them are burnt into my head that i can recall them without the recording. ::laugh::

This week, Ani announced that she will be putting out an official bootleg series for folks like me who have always appreciated the raw energy of concerts. Every six weeks or so, she will release a new raw concert boot. This is absolutely fantastic!

For the readers here who are not familiar with Ani, you should read her lyrics. She has been one of my biggest inspirations, always reminding me that there is value in fighting the system. Her work is very political and she is one of the strongest independent artists out there, refusing to sell out to the music industry in any form. (All of you EFF-loving readers, you’d love Ani’s political efforts against the music industry. For example, Million You Never Made is an ode to that system.)

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5 thoughts on “Ani DiFranco: Official Bootleg Series

  1. stefanos

    ok, are you too a green like ani?

    my wife almost killed me when i voted for nader in the last election…and not for bush.


  2. [i:rrhoblog]

    neues von ani difranco

    von “official bootleg” zu sprechen ist natrlich paradox, ani difranco (mit teilweise neu gebauter homepage, leider vom flash-virus infiziert, dafr endlich mit sachen zum hren und sehen) macht es trotzdem und verffentlicht jetzt die ersten platten i…

  3. chrissie

    Ani is a wonderful human being. to entertain and send a very important message at the same time is rare and exciting.
    i just wanted to share my enthusiasm for someone who truly is an artist.

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