“what did danah boyd contribute to sociology?”

A friend of mine wrote me, bemused that upon looking at her logs, someone had found her page with the following Google search: “what did danah boyd contribute to sociology?”

I’m not quite sure how to take this. And i’m curious who is at fault for folks thinking that i’m a sociologist. (Barry – can i blame you?) As for being at a point in my career where i’m contributing to any intellectual community in a meaningful way, please be patient. I’m trying. But for goddess’ sake, i’m a bloody PhD student who once again jumped fields; i’m still trying to fill in the holes in my knowledge!

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5 thoughts on ““what did danah boyd contribute to sociology?”

  1. scott

    conceivably, cynicism didn’t motivate the query. the phrasing lacked the emphatic “ever”, as in “what did danah boyd *ever* contribute to sociology?” so it may have a been a legit effort to learn something about you.

    or not.

    either way, the recursion unleashed by your post is pretty neat. once google inhales this page, any subsequent queries on that string, should there be any, will point here, to a page spawned by that same query.

  2. Yenayer

    Maybe it’s the pluridisciplinarity of weblogs that make things happen this way. You can say that you’re bridging between knowledge fields 🙂

  3. Michelle

    I read your blog with my morning coffee and I would dare venture to say that you have contributed more to society, socilology — whatever — by means of your research and thoughts than many do in a life time. Keep doing what you do; enjoy it and let the others figure the rest out for themselved…hey at least google knows who you are!

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