trying out ecto

Trying to post from Ecto to my blog. I love the idea of being able to blog offline and just upload.

Although i have a feeling that this might also encourage me to revert to writing more semi-personal entries… It reminds me so much of my LJ days. Hmm… Is that a good thing?

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3 thoughts on “trying out ecto

  1. Sibylle Schwarz

    Ecto’s great! I had dismissed it for quite a while, thinking why in the world I would want to deal with yet another app? Now I never want to go back. I’ve added some html tags that I use frequently to the dropdown and customized the preferences for images…sweet. Now I wish it could also deal with MT templates and CSS…

  2. Lessig Blog

    server down, zephorian solution

    My blog server was down just at the moment I had a moment to begin to catch up on posts. But then zephoria reports on code that I knew had to exist but that I had not yet seen:

  3. Patrick

    I think I like the fact that your blog is not so personal. I’m not familiar with your LJ days, so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I will admit that every time I read your blog it makes me wish mine wasn’t so personal. I mean, who wants to hear how much belly button lint I mined while watching the latest on my netflix queue? (You’d be surprised… I could make a sweater I think)

    Then again, perhaps your personal life is more interesting than mine.

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