7 thoughts on “how was she?

  1. Danyel Fisher

    It seems to have an odd bias toward manitoba women… I’ll have to keep this in mind next time I’m somewhere far north.

    Or can we claim that this is like the common wisdom that northerers need communication technologies and sex in order to keep warm during the cold winter? Hence Swedish porn and Finnish cell phones…

  2. Mel

    That’s incredibly upsetting and disturbing. It’s nothing if not an incitement to rape. Absolutely appalling. how could something like this be legal? What’s the difference between this and childpornography? The women obviously haven’t consented to having their images and names posted there.

  3. Jason Schultz

    Wasn’t there a “Dick List” on the net some years ago? Oh here it is. Its a list of guys who screw over girls on the net and how to avoid them. Much more useful, I’d say.

    This site strikes me as (1) disgusting (2) useless and (3) probably more Fakester than anything. Basically Penthouse Forum with bad interface design.

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