repurposing 80s fashion

First, i am *not* thrilled that 80s fashion is coming back. I don’t want to wear scrunchy socks, deal with shirts that snap at the crotch or ever see those horrid tight jeans with their roll-up ever again. And furthermore, scrunchy leather boots with heals is not attractive.

That said, most people know that i’ve been wearing jelly bracelets around my wrists for 3 years. This wasn’t a return to the 80s. It was because i don’t like seeing my neck or wrists without adornments and jelly bracelets were the first things that i could wear that didn’t impede my typing – i could just push them back.

Well, apparently the press is hyping the idea that these jelly bracelets are sex bracelets and that if you break them, the person has to give you a sexual favor in return. Hmm.

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3 thoughts on “repurposing 80s fashion

  1. Sarah

    jezzis. — Kids will always repurpose the significance of things to alot for standards and hierarchies of coolness….but just because the hanky code has existed since the dawn of time, doesn’t mean that every hanky wearing/carrying kid is a kinky fucker…*rolls eyes at media for not reporting important things*

  2. Holly

    I just wanted to tell you thanks for the Ani lyrics on your website. They’ve inspired me through many a problem. Yeah she wrote them so you really don’t have a lot to do with their inspiration, but they’re easily accesible to me because of you and it’s the best collection of them I’ve found online.

    Also the jelly bracelet thing is dumb. Who in the world comes up with this stuff???

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