Monkey vs. Robot

I will be rushing back from SIGGRAPH to attend Monkey vs. Robot – an Art and Dance Party at False Profit that will help raise funds for all of the fabulous art that FP is going to be taken to Burning Man. Yay for good dancing, great people and fabulous art!

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1 thought on “Monkey vs. Robot

  1. David

    SquatterBlog #2
    So, this is my second installment in my SquatterBlog. Rather than create my own blog, I’m writing down my thoughts and whatnot in the Comments section of other folks blogs.

    I bought a new pillow yesterday. A technologically advanced Tempur Pedic pillow, originally developed for Nasa. A woman I dated for the first part of this year has one. We would always fight over who got to sleep on it. I realize now that what made that pillow so comfortable wasn’t space age technology. It was sleeping next to a woman I loved.

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