failed as a parent

OK… some things just make me roll over and giggle. Particularly this photo, entitled “failed as a parent.” As a result, i just had to share…

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3 thoughts on “failed as a parent

  1. Natalie F. Bell

    I actually saw someone who looked like that today… this guy I went to psyche with.. I ran into him to him today and he had one of those hey rings in his ear, his nipple pierced.. and a safety pin in the other ear.. I was like.. OK?

  2. dsafgiu

    Heres what you have to ask yourself before you get a peircing/tatoo or anything else perminant in your life:
    Was a smart 5 years ago?
    When I look back 5 years from now am I going to think i was smart?
    Did jesus have one?
    6 armed goddess in India?
    So remember its not cool, and there kinda gay

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