Monthly Archives: February 2003

march to war is a betting pool that allows folks to bet on the start date of the war (brought to you by none other than the media lab). the winner will receive 20% of the winnings in prepaid gasoline cards. the remainder will go to humanitarian organizations helping iraqi civilians. the site is also full of good sarcastic reminders about why this situation is so aggrevating.

Mister Boyd

One of my friends (and colleagues) just had a paper accepted for a CHI short and he forwarded me one of the best comments i’ve read in a long time:

“Mister Boyd might prefer that you used caps in citing his thesis.”

Not only did they assume that he made one mistake on his citations, but they also assumed maleness. Ah, how i love CHI reviewers.

And the Oscar goes to…. Donald Kaufman

Oscar nominations are out – yippee!! It’s definitely an interesting year for them. My favorite is the quantity of quality nomations for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress – women are definitely getting more interesting film roles these days (although there are still no Best Director female nominees). In that regard, the Hours was just stunning – strong female roles where the characters were not supporting men, not sex toys, had significant character development that had nothing to do with men and talked about things other then men. Wow.

Of course, the cake of the Oscar nominations has to be Donald Kaufman’s nomination for “Best Adapted Screenplay”… that’s just *great*