good conversations & drug propoganda

what a gorgeous day – although it seems as though the bugs have emerged as well.. i sat in the courtyard today discussing lab politics with one of my oldest friends here and it’s sooo depressing to learn how much the lab consistently screws people over. yuck yuck and yuck. this was particularly painful because i spent the earlier part of the day mentally remembering why there is no way in hell that i want to be here in the future. i watched as my advisor told others how their project would look and that just made me feel gross gross and gross. this is really just not the way that research is supposed to work. ::sigh:: so i just felt disgusting coming out of that conversation in every way possible.

i keep having those mental conversations about the value of education, the power plays that happen here, etc. interesting mental games…

regardless, i also got to think about the institution of marriage, how to reform it and the politics of drugs… she gave me the most fantabulous link about how colombia’s super bowl handled anti-drug advertisements – sooo hysterical!

this is so entertaining in light of The Onion‘s latest drug-related article.

::sigh:: i have to admit that i’m quite cranky with the gov’t & drug issues these days… just like i’m always thrilled when the government is hypocritical. Drugs & the Internet is one of their latest publications, intended to crack down on online available drug information. my favorite is how they are upset that reformers are gathering online to “promote” drugs (what about when we are engaging in freedom of speech to question the government’s legitimation of alcohol/tobacco but not marijuana, a far less harmful drug [1][2][3]). and, even on the front page, they are concerned about the availability of information on harmful effects of MDMA, GHB and LSD. since when is it a bad thing to release the causes for concern? oh, right, because the people saying the problems are generally against government dictation of how to treat one’s body… plus, the gov’t is generally after raving folks, because of the promotion of mind-expansion with drugs. i think it’s a bit terrifying to realize that even my digital discontent (this page) with this approach could put me at risk. freedom of speech has failed; we are living in China, just no one knows it.

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1 thought on “good conversations & drug propoganda

  1. john gamble

    I have to agree, the government is becoming more socialist every day. You can thank hypocrits like Bill Clinton. I don’t care what he says he still lites up. I’m in the military, but before I joined I smoked marijuana for about 6 yrs. I’ve played with a variety of other drugs as well, yet I still function daily and have a college degree. The hardest drug I’ve found to use and still make it work daily is alcohol. Every time one of these “anti-drug” senators and governors have a glass of wine or a beer, I hope they realize they are no better than the person smoking a joint in their living room. I find it a shame that we waste millions of dollars every year on a war that we can never win. So long as people have money, there will be drugs. So long as senators can be bought by industries that don’t want to see marijuana legalized, they hypocritical stance on drugs will continue.

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