Well, i just got back from New York – Madison Square Garden VDAY event. Wow.

Daytime: Stop Rape contest. 60 contestants from 50 countries explaining how they think they can end rape in their various locations. Moving and powerful. But i had to busy myself so i ran around all day preparing for the evening event, organizing folks in my typical fashion.

Nitetime: Mom came.. with her Republican boyfriend. Made me so happy to see her, to sit near her, to have her support me like this. My aunt was there too. So amazing. I just cried and cried and cried.. so powerful watching Oprah Winfrey talk about life under the burqa and then have an exiled woman from Afghanistan get up and unveil herself. And then the women who were victims of FGM and a 14 year old girl who had run away to avoid the knife get up and cry and tell their stories. Or a 13 year old woman from Kenya winning the Stop Rape contest. Calista Flockhart doing a piece on short skirts and Claire Danes and Julia Stiles made Bosnia so unbelievable. Basically, it was truly awe-some.

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