it’s funny… there is a party here but i don’t know anyone and don’t feel social enough to deal.. so i am sitting in my room, on my computer just being a dork. it has been an interesting first week of classes.. and the funny thing is that i am getting super close to one of my housemates.. our attitude about things is so identical – we are both far less interested in partying and far more in doing shit and _chilling out_. funny funny .. but she wants me to live with her and i think that is a great idea.. i would love to live with her!

so my week has been filled with bullshit. i got off of effexor, a crazy drug last semester and i was quite happily chilling without it, except for the adhd.. so i tried to go see a doctor and get on ritalin.. it seemed like a logical idea.. but the problem is that to get on ritalin, i need to take tests to prove that i really need it, that i really have adhd. but those tests are $1200 and the cost or ritalin is already quite high. i can get it for almost half the cost just by buying it on the black market. how retarded is that? i find it to be super super ridiculous and don’t know quite how to deal. dumb dumb dumb. so i am now buying it illegally – yeck. stupid shit.

school started and i got into the classes that i really wanted – taking hypertext and artist machine (electronics and mechanics for artists) and am super psyched about that. so it was cool. i walked into hypertext 45 minutes late (i was shopping another course) and the professor interrupted and went “ so glad to see you!!!” and then proceeded to ask questions of me regarding everything that i knew anything of.. it was so funny! he wanted me to take the class because it is good bookends to my time at brown. tehehehe. so that is cool… and he is letting me work on one project for both classes – so good!

and vday is going pretty good… well, chaotic but i got tracy chapman! but there is still chaos

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