still at home, trying to relax and chill but my family is as neurotic as ever.. which is also super fun. i finally talked with my mom about who i sleep with and the fact that they aren’t all the same sex. her response was that nothing surprises her anymore. we also talked about drugs and she was less than thrilled that i had tried lsd, as she remembers in her days of teaching handicapped children that not all the children of the 60’s came out ok… she worries for whatever genetic changes are possible. that i understand… maybe i should stop doing acid… but i did get to smoke last nite which as sweet (and relaxing). mom and i talked for a long while and she kept making me laugh with silly stories… sometimes, it is super fun to be home.

i also went to visit my old high school and elementary school (since my brother is now working in the school district. it was quite disturbing. i had flashbacks of the 5th grade when i acted in cinerella as the queen… walking down those hallways was strange. i also found the room of mrs. h, who i helped to drive insane… she went away on mental leave when i was in 4th grade. i tracked down former teachers (gosh, i forgot how gay-acting all the men in elementary schools are…. i truly wonder if they are gay and just don’t know it or do and won’t admit it). it was strange to hear astronomy lessons coming out of the astronomy room, since the previous teacher had been convicted of molesting little boys… most of the teachers i knew have since retired but my favorite is still there…. i stopped by to give him a copy of “horace’s compromise” by ted sizer. i am psyched to hear his response… he is such a sweetie! gotta love that one teacher..

ok.. i am going to motivate to work!

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