conference is over. i just spent the last week in los angeles at siggraph, learning more about myself and having a most amazing time. i have a lot to share at this point but rather than trying to date things individually, i have decided to lump it together in an attempt to show coherence. this is my story of the week.

arrive at nite, tired and confused… get the dinner and then prepare for a full day of work… next day, set up our demo in preparation for a long week. successful setup and we head to the beach to celebrate. i burn the hell outta my body, a reminder of my whiteness that has resulted in my current peeling state. my lover arrives, surprising me with his timing… my friends start arriving and we continue our ritual of playing and having fun.

figueroa is our hangout space and i spend every nite there in the hottub, happily naked. what a wonderful experience. i work hard during the day, either demoing to LOTS of people or seeing various panels and papers. at every opportunity, i take a break to talk with my friends.

conversation and sex is the theme of this week. one boy, a youngin in my lab amuses me greatly. we begin to flirt out of pure ridiculousness. on one occasion, in the hottub, he was so drunk that he decided sex was important. i pushed him off. i realize more and more that i don’t like pushy people invading my sex life, particularly boys. i retrieve to my friends, all graduates from my school over many generations. it is quite wonderful to be there with them and our talks become intriguing and motivating. flirtation gets to be wonderful. in particular, i find myself extremely attracted to one individual, flirting intensely with him at any opportunity… flirtation comes right back and we become closer and closer. his sense of humor and attitude is extremely similar to my lover and the two of them begin a rewarding relationship. one nite, we acknowledge our dual interest and express our passion in his bedroom. my lover approves.

that same evening, a crazy woman attempts to get me to come home with her. she is the lover of a boy i slept with last year. he disapproves but she is not my type anyhow.

the following nite, things get outta hand. five of us decide to appreciate the happiness mixed with the warmth of the pool. following the pool, we rent a hotel room and another woman joins us. an orgy begins and it is intense. the cute boy from the previous nite and my lover impress me by showing their caring through kissing. i enjoy every minute of it, being turned on by the two of them. it is intense and beautiful, gorgeous in every way except that i only get 15 minutes of sleep.

we pack up the entire project and i decide to stay for the weekend. my back is trashed and i cannot handle the flight… or at least that is what i told the person at the counter. it was not too far off.. only i wanted more sex as well. sure enough, i got my fair share. my lover and i crashed outta exhaustion and spent the next day at the beach. afterwards, he disappeared to san francisco and i continued on with cute boy and his friend.

we went to a small house party at another friend’s place and it reminded me so much of the attitde of bridget jones’ diary. it was quite pleasant and i enjoyed getting to know random people. it was so magnificant. the next party was hysterical. we continued on to a party celebrating the production of a play in hollywood. this was beyond my understanding. our car was parked with valet service and there were caterers who served cavier and large amounts of alcohol (anything you wanted). people were wearing fancy suits and coctail gowns. i couldn’t believe the high-classness of it all. the house overlooked most of hollywood and it was a gorgeous view. i couldn’t believe it. i couldn’t believe i was at this party. luckily, i was quite capable of keeping up with conversation. the cute guy and i kept going, keeping each other entertained.. we couldn’t stop talking.

the two of us left the party around midnite and headed back to the hotel where we spent the nite pleasing one another in many different fashions. it was highly intense and beautiful. we had a great time playing off of one another in every way possible.. wow.

and now i am on the plane….

so that is the week in a quick overview.. but i have things to say that don’t work in a timeline.

s, a friend from my first year at school, taught me how to play a game called set. what a wonderful game… mentally stimulating like nothing else. i couldn’t believe how great it was. i played for many many hours with a whole variety of people… addicting!

i now appreciate star wars on a whole new level. the graphics were clearly explained throughout the conference and it was super super impressive. i didn’t even realize it.

in addition, i had a wonderful conversation about eyes wide shut and all of the potential meanings that kubrick had. we talked about jealousy and testing boundaries and whatnot… it was wonderful.

in addition to crazy sex and orgies, the cute boy and i talked for hours and hours about a whole lot of crazy topics, in particular what a relationship is and how to make oneself happy and have a non-monogamous relationship. it was quite impressive. i loved his company and his insight. i realized more and more how similar he is to my lover and that excited me so much. each nite we got more and more in depth into conversation and at one point he mentionned that he adored me because he loves being around intelligent lovers. i enjoyed that immensely.

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