i am beyond delirious but insomnia has set in. it is two o’clock. no, not two o’clock in the nite… two o’clock in the afternoon. i slept for 6 hours saturday nite; it is now monday. i have been helping my friends get their siggraph installation together. it is great to help them but now my body is super super confused. poor thing.

recently, two friends have also told me about their startup idea and i have been doing quite a bit of thinking about that and how to make the interface that they need accessible to the people that they want. it has been a fun problem… unfortunately, due to nda, that is about all i can share.

life has had a peculiar simplicity to it… life=me+work+thinking… that is about all i do these days and i kinda get my jollies off of it… i like the idea that i get paid to think and talk and work with people. yum.. but it does all blend together which is strange… but it makes a day enjoyable and it makes me want to do graduate school, both of which are super super good

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