came down to visit friends back at college. anxiously awaiting returning and yet dreading it at the same time. visited the house i lived in last year. they didn’t have toilet paper. some things never change. visited my house for next year. (they have toilet paper.) it was super exciting to see my environment and be so psyched to be a part of a community again. coops are amazing that way – they have a community, an environment that is both frustrating and exhilerating. i anxiously await that environment.

on the other hand, i am no-doubt a bit dreadful of the work and the stress and all the icky elements that are a part of being in school. i mean, technically i was in school in the spring but i’ll be damned if you can actually count that!

my brain is awefully tired these days.. i am surprised that techy lands can burn you out so much more than reality. what a bizarre culture!

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