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stalking your daughter

A friend of mine recently discovered (through email snooping) that her 13-year-old daughter was planning a forbidden mission to another city to meet up with a boy from Myspace. Was the boy a teenager? Was he safe? It was anyone's guess, so my friend decided to teach her daughter a lesson.

She created a fake profile for herself in Myspace, complete with a bogus photo and a list of hobbies. She messaged her daughter about a band they both liked, and over the next week they became firm online friends. The daughter bitched about her mother, confessed about her online boyfriend, and was soon on her way to a secret meeting with her new pal. The reaction, when the daughter found her mother waiting for her, wasn't pretty. She was horrified, wouldn't speak for a week… but she cancelled her assignation with the boy.

from Mary Wakefield's article I looked at her page - and felt like a pervert


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