paying for my sins

Finals are brutal. Particularly when you were as foolish as i was about my semester organization. 6 weeks of travel is brutal on top of 3 intensive classes, TAing (and then grading) 30 students in a fun class about social networking, the bright idea to organize a conference during the weekend between finals and an outstanding CSCW application. ::smacking forehead:: And of course i’m fighting a cruel cold that seems to encourage my body to hold on to jetlag as well.

I vow to be unresponsive. I have uninstalled Shrook. This is my last blog post until i’m through. Must get through. Looking forward to wine and massages with my mother.

Topics on the brain: critical technical practice (Agre) as it applies to HCI’s construction of context; the rhetorical debate between Searle and Derrida over Austin (considerations for interdisciplinary research); ethnographic write-up on negotiating audience; design considerations for digital identity representation.

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7 thoughts on “paying for my sins

  1. vered

    Hey sweetheart
    Good luck finishing everything up. Every time I check up on you it’s a million projects at once – just the way you love hate it. yum.

    on my end: i got into med school! at new york med college. not my top choice, but not the bottom one either. still waiting for good news from mt. sinai…

    sending the energy, healing power, and tons of love!


  2. Thom

    Why is it that blog posts are the first things to go when people are short on time??? I never hear of people abandoning personal hygiene for example. Priorities, priorities.

  3. simon

    Ooooh, Shrook! I’ve never seen that before!
    And since when are you using a Mac?
    For the record, my head is exploding in a good way!

    You’ll get through this, I know — you always do. Just do try to eat and sleep from time to time. At least eat. You’re in Berkeley, for chrissakes! There’s nowhere in the world that it’s easier to eat than in Berkeley!

  4. zephoria

    I finally switched a year ago when they finally made snazzy cute little Macs that my hands could handle. I tried switching to an Icebox a while back but my hands gave way on the keyboards.

    I will definitely ge through this. 2 down, 2 to go and then grading. ::gulp::

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