bloody governor

As everyone i know is panicking because of the job market and heading back to school, our f%#king governor is _yet again_ hiking the tuition (by 40%), reducing services and making it harder for California citizens to get an education. Of course, i will acknowledge that he’s quite constrained because 3/4 of the State’s budget is allocated by Propositions. One thing i learned living in California is how ridiculous it is to do budgeting by voting.

Take a scenario that i witnessed at Brown. A survey went out. How many of you think that cable TV should be freely accessible in dorms? Well, most people shrugged their shoulders. Even if they didn’t watch TV, why not, right? Of course, implementing this meant that money got cut for computing services. No one told us what would be lost based on our decisions.

::grumble::grumble:: At least Piled Higher and Deeper made me smile about the situation:

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4 thoughts on “bloody governor

  1. Ryan Shaw

    I was explaining this to my wife today, so she could prepare for A Year Without Lunch. She asked why, if there is so little money, Schwa-chan had gotten rid of the car tax. I said it was because more voters drive cars than go to grad school. Democracy 101…

  2. randy

    InFlorida they can not raise tuition more than 10% per year. It is law there. Sorry to hear the 40% hike. Sad how the priorities of some people are so ass-backwards.

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