ecclectic scribbles

Somehow, i’m just not inclined to stay on one topic, ever. So, why try in this format? I think that i just need to stop that..

Accepted the job with V-Day officially today. Computer arrives next week. Health insurance will be taken care of quite soon. Yippeeeee!!

I’m going to a conference this weekend on the Grassroots Use of the Internet – should be absolutely fascinating – activitists & tech geeks!

This week was full of many good good realizations – some emotionally painful, some quite healing after months and years of pain and frustration. Let’s just say that i actually smiled coming in to work today… it’s been a while!

Speaking of which, my advisor sent me a review of a book about eBay since we actually talked for quite a while yesterday about the affects of the dot.bomb and what it meant for companies and communities. And for whateve reason, it made me re-read the notes on the crash of ArsDigita.

[cypherpunk login for nytimes: c1ph3rpunk/c1ph3rpunk]

On the weird medical side, there’s a funny report about how tampons may protect against endometriosis (as does hetero sex during menstruation). Does that mean that i should give up my keeper? Grrrr….

Fusion finally announced their festival lineup! Now, i’m not overwhelmed by the lineup, but i would not miss such a fun event, especially given the venue!

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  1. James

    Hi, you seem like a really interesting person! I’m surprised there aren’t many comments here… although to be honest my blog-thing doesn’t really get any either.

    I happened to look at your site because I use your excellent ani lyrics page quite a lot. I was lucky enough to meet ani herself last night and let me tell you she’s as lovely in person as you’d expect!

    Thanks for the lyrics!

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