Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Class 7 notes

Today, Mary and i decided we'd both take notes:
Version Mary
Version danah

I fear this may give you dear reader an understanding of our different interests and attention spans.

Anyhow, the focus of today was supposed to be on "Don't Think of an Elephant" but it was really hard not to consistently derail and talk about the debates. For those who haven't read Lakoff's newest book - do! It provides excellent examples of how to politely alter the minds of all conservatives.


Dan said...

Grab the Living Wage paper here:


11:15 AM  
jotter said...

Thanks to Danah and Mary for the class notes, and Dan for the link. I have been reading the class blog for a while. I posted on it's existence to the political web site, dailykos.com, where there has been a lot of interest in Dr. Lakoff's most recent book. I would have commented here sooner, but did not have a blogger account until recently.

Will there be any discussion in class of Professor Lakoff's appearance on NPR's national talk show, Talk of the Nation? I heard the show, and was a bit unhappy with the length of time given to Lakoff vs the callers. Too bad they cut him off before he could give the list of types of conservatives as well as progressives.

2:59 PM  
coturnix said...

Here's a question to ask in class (and post the answer here):

Why are Post-Modernists/Deconstructionists considered to be the Left? Is it their historical source, or they somehow fit into the Liberal system (perhaps on a big radial diversion away from the core). I find it difficult to align disdain for science and reality with the Nurturant Parent model.

The same question on "Animal Rightists" (as opposed to "animal welfare" people which are clearly core liberals)? Is it just a huge radial deviation from the core? Their mindset (and tactics) reminds me more of anti-choice people than anti-war people.

1:27 PM  

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