Monday, September 27, 2004

"How Kerry lost me"

This class is heavily invested in the language that is being used in this current election. Much of our conversation centers around Kerry vs. Bush (and frankly, how much Kerry is fucking up). Given this angle, i was quite interested in Ann Althouse's entry entitled How Kerry lost me. In it, she analyzes what Kerry has said over this campaign and why she is not voting for him. While it is not a Lakoff-styled analysis, it connects well with this class.


lynn said...

I will have to research Lakoff, until then ...

Today I was reading Andrew O'Hagan's essay about the Republican National Convention - The God Squad - in the London Review of Books. It's kind of patchy but it offers a lot when it comes to language, argument, circumstance, history and the present. It's got the famous line "You aren't listening to me." in another context.

It's amazing how much of this is about actually listening to, and trying to understand people, as well as trying to comprehend the context and history of people's speech.

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